If you’re looking for the photos from the gates/frameworks show last friday they will be up at http://concertjunkies.net/ soon! Also you can check my flickr for any extra photos that didn’t go up. And check back soon for photos of Handwriting! and a really cool thing with a really cool band. 

photos will be up a little later than expected, power went out all afternoon:/

Will you be posting photos of Frameworks at Roggies? Also, you have some great shots, keep on doing what you're doing!

Of course! and Thank you so much!

Also I just had to transfer everything to an external hard drive so there was a bit of a delay on those photos, but deff check back tomorrow around 5pm and everything should be up on my flickr with a few posted here:D 

Do you have anymore pictures from the mobo/real friends/citizen show at northeastern? I see that you have the one and I wanted to know if you had anymore because their my favorite band and such

Why yes I do! They’ll be up soon!